Each student should find an advisor who assigns papers to him or her. Schedule your paper presentation with Elsa Pan. The time is usually after the faculty presentation if held in the afternoon, or before the faculty presentation if held in the morning.

Advisor’s responsibility


1. Assign papers to students.

2. Discuss with students about the paper before presentation. Make sure that the student has a basic understanding about the paper and the related area.

3. Reorganize student’s slides for a smoother presentation.

4. Give a course grade.

Student’s responsibility:

1. Present 1 paper in one semester to classmates and others interested.

2. For each paper presented, try to read a few related papers so that you can give a more general overview about all useful techniques for this topic.

3. Do your best to impress your advisor and the audience.



Schedule for the Spring semester, 2005



Student   Presentation Topic Advisor
10/06 羅光倫 TIGP The protein structure prediction problem could be solved using the current PDB library  
謝忠儒 生資所 MEDock: a web server for efficient prediction of ligand binding sites based on a novel optimization algorithm  
10/13 林信男 TIGP FAST: A Novel Protein Structure Alignment Algorithm  
吳克銘 生資所 Genes that mediate breast cancer metastasis to lung  
10/27 江萬田 TIGP A network-based analysis of systemic inflammation in humans  
吳政道 生資所    
11/03 許嘉忻 TIGP Domain Rearrangments in Protein Evolution  
楊志賢 生資所 A cell-based model for the photoacclimation and CO2-acclimation of photosynthetic apparatus  
11/17 傅瓊玲 TIGP    
陳琦 生資所 Mutator Phenotype Resulting from DNA Polymerase IV Overproduction in Escherichia coli: Preferential Mutagenesis on the Lagging Strand  
11/24 陳鯨太 TIGP Real value prediction of solvent accessibility in proteins using multiple sequence alignment and secondary structure  
羅偉軒 生資所 Characterization of peptides released from mitochondria: evidence for constant proteolysis and peptide efflux  
12/01 Mediratta, Vishal  TIGP    
張益峰 生資所 A computational approach for identifying pathogenicity islands in prokaryotic genomes  
12/08 Sengupta, Amrita TIGP Improving the calculation of statistical significance in genome-wide scans  
陳亭妏 生資所 MicroRNA-dependent localization of targeted mRNAs to mammalian P-bodies  
12/15 邵遵文 生資所 Genome-wide Map of Nucleosome Acetylation and Methylation in Yeast         
黃櫻雪 生資所 Cyclic Diguanylate Is a Ubiquitous Signaling Molecule in Bacteria:
Insights into Biochemistry of the GGDEF Protein Domain
12/22 黃瑞蘭 生資所 Genetic evidence for a tumor suppressor role of HIF-2α         
葉昌偉 生資所 Antisense Transcription in the Mammalian Transcriptome