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Academic System


Tsing Hua University (THU)

Chiao Tung University (CTU)

Yang Ming University (YMU)

National Taiwan University (NTU)


Find an advisor before the end of 1st year.



1.       Complete all requirement courses.

2.       Pass TIGP Qualifying Exam (offered in every Spring Semester)


Pass NCTU’s oral proposal


-Application Form

-Committee Report

-Grading Sheet

-Grading Summary

-Payee Account Info

School online QE Registration

Deadline: 2/05 (print out is required)

School Application Form

Deadline: 2/05 (hard copy is required)


Pass THU’s oral exam on Research Plan

-Thesis Proposal Evaluation Form

-Payee Account Info









TIGP Bio emphasizes research training and developing one's capability and self-confidence for independent research. Once entering this program, students can choose mentors and thesis advisors for their study according to their research interests.

In this program, we invite faculty from various disciplines to participate. This program adopts a team-teaching system, where each faculty member teaches a subject according to his or her expertise. In keeping up with the international trend, all courses are offered in English.

Time Limitations
-Students are required to advance to doctoral candidacy by the end of the third year.
-Candidates must complete all requirements within seven calendar years after first registration in the Graduate College.                                                                                                                                      -Failed to fulfill the aforesaid requirements will be terminated from Bioinformatics Program and will loose a valid student status with the registered partner university.

Students need to find an advisor, who is a member of the TIGP bio's core faculty, before the end of the first year.


National Tsing Hua University and National Chiao Tung University require a co-advisor who is a faculty of its university (You do not need an co-advisor if your advisor is the school faculty who is also on BP's core faculty list.)                                                                            

NTHU: The co-advisor can be any official faculty from College of Life Science at NTHU;   

NCTU: The co-advisor can be any official faculty from College of Biological Science and Technology at NCTU