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Core Faculty
Institute of Information Science 中央研究院資訊科學研究所


Dr. Tsai , Huai-Kuang 蔡懷寬 
Students:  Liu, Wan-Hsin; Chen-Kai Shiau
● Evolutionary algorithm
● Bioinformatics
● Regulatory mechanism
● Metagenomics


Dr. Sung , Ting-Yi 宋定懿
Students:  Thejkiran Pitti
● Graph algorithms
● Interconnection networks for parallel and distributed systems
● Bioinformatics with focus on proteomics studies
● Mathematical programming

Dr.  Hsu, Wen-Lian  許聞廉
Students: Cheng-Wei Cheng; Neha Warikoo; Onkar Singh
Analysis of algorithms, graph theory.
Search methods in artificial intelligence.
Bioinformatics, computational biology.
Computational linguistics.
Natural language understanding.
Intelligent agent systems
Institue of Biomedical Science 中央研究院 生物醫學科學研究所

Dr. Hwang, Ming-Jing 黃明經
Computational biology
Systems biology

Dr. Jou, Yuh-Shan 周玉山
Students: Ho, Chun-Ming
Cancer genomics
Molecular cancer biology
Institute of Statistical Science 中央研究院 統計科學研究所

Dr. Li, Ker-Chau李克昭
Students:  Ku, Shih-Yen; Lin, Chia-Hung
Systems biology
Lung cancer studies
High dimensional data analysis
Large ensembles of time series
Medical image analysis
Machine learning
Statistical graphics
Bayesian computation
Experimental design
Survey sampling

Dr. Shieh Shwu-Rong Grace 謝叔蓉
Analysis of next generation sequencing data (e.g. ChIP-seq) and genomics data
Using genetic interactions to develop cancer therapeutics
Constructing gene networks/predicting pathway components

Dr. Yang, Hsin-Chou 楊欣洲
Students: Huang, Mei-Chu; Chu, Shih-Kai
Statistical genetics/genomics
● Disease gene mapping
● Population genomics
● Omics data analysis

Dr. Yuan, Shin-Sheng  袁新盛
Students: Chen, Hsiu-man  
Microarray data analysis
Drug response mechanism
Medical imaging data analysis
Manipulating mass spectra database
Dr. Liu, Wei-chung 劉維中
Mathematical biology
Theoretical ecology
Quantitative epidemiology
Network biology
Systems biology

Dr. Yeang, Chen-Hsiang 楊振翔
Students: Tiong, Khong-Loon 
Cancer genomics
Molecular evolution

Dr. Chen, Hsuan-Yu 陳璿宇
Students:  Lovely Raghav
● Bioinformatics
● Epidemiology and biostatistic
● Integrative cancer biology
● Personalized medicine

Research Center for Applied Sciences 中央研究院 應用科學研究中心

Dr. Lin, Jung-Hsin 林榮信
Computational biophysics
Structural biology
Molecular simulations
Biodiversity Research Center 中央研究院 生物多樣性研究中心

Dr. Li, Wen-Hsiung 李文雄
Students: Lin, Jinn-Jy;  Jerome Panibe
Evolutionary genomics
Molecular evolution
Bioinformatics and computational biology
Population genetics, human genetics

Dr. Sen-Lin Tang 湯森林
Students:  Kshitij Tandon
Microbial Ecology and diversity
Microbial genomics (Metagenomics0
Computational biology

Dr. John Wang 王忠信
Genetics, genomics, behavior, and evolution of social insects.
Evolution of genome size in nematodes.

Dr. Dar Yi Wang 王達益
Metagenomics. Evolutionary genomics.



Dr. Isheng Jason Tsai 蔡怡陞
Evolution of parasitism and pathogenicity.
Eukaryotic microbe (fungi and helminths) ecology and biodiversity. 


Genomics Research Center 中央研究院 基因體研究中心

Dr. Yang, An-Suei 楊安綏
Students:  Jian, Jhih-Wei
The research direction in this laboratory is to engineer proteins of significant biomedical importance. We develop computational and bioinformatic approaches to design stable protein scaffolds and use phage-based molecular evolution to engineer stability in folding and affinity toward target molecules. The goal is to enhance the insight into molecular basis on protein recognition and to use the engineered proteins in biomedical applications. Specific areas of interest include:computational protein design, recombinant antibody engineering,protein-protein interaction, computational structural biology, structural bioinformatics, phage display of antibody libraries, synthetic antibody fragment library construction.

Dr. Trees-Juen Chuang  莊樹諄
● Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
● Comparative & evolutionary genomics post-transcriptional modification
● Systems biology
● Primate evolution
●Genome annotation
Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 中央研究院 植物暨微生物學研究所

Dr. Hsing, Yue-Ie 邢禹依
Construction a Tagged Rice Population, TRIM, for functional genomics analysis
Utilization/studies of the TRIM mutant resources
Analysis of advanced rice anther transcriptomes
Positional cloning and characterization of important rice mutants
Re-annotation of genes encoding LEA proteins in the rice and soybean genomes
Characterization of LEA proteins
Collection and characterization of wild rice and soybean in Taiwan
Sequencing of Oryza nivara, an annual wild rice

Dr. Chen, Pao-Yang 陳柏仰
● Next generation genetics
● DNA methylation in plants
● DNA methylation landscape in plants, animals, and human
Institute of Chemistry 中央研究院 化學研究所

Dr. Hsu, Chao-Ping 許昭萍
Students:  Ignasius Joanito
Charge transport and energy transfer in advanced materials
Dynamic description of biological systems
Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 中央研究院  農業生物科技研究中心

Dr. Chen, Ho-Ming 陳荷明
Students:  Chun-Yi Chen
Small RNA function
Genome of non-model organism
Institute of  Molecular Biology 中央研究院 分子生物研究所

Dr. Lue,  Jun-Yi 呂俊毅
Genetic incompatibility and speciation
Experimental evolution and genomic analysis of genetic buffering
Institute of Bioinformatics and Structural Biology, National Tsing Hua University
國立清華大學 生物資訊與結構生物研究所

Dr. Yang, Lee-Wei 楊立威
Students: Chan, Wai Soon; Emmanuel Salawu
Protein Dynamics, Polymer Physics, Molecular mechanics, Coarse-Grained model development, Enzymology, Active site prediction, Physical model-based prediction/analysis of NMR relaxation data and temperature factors of X-ray determined structures, Structure Refinement, DNA Polymerase, Homology modeling, Biological and dynamics database/online calculation tools development, Statistical analysis of biomolecular traits in dynamics, Computational techniques for large matrix decomposition, Linear response theory, Normal Mode Analysis, Langevin Dynamics, Theoretical reconciliation of lock-and-key and induce-fit paths on substrate binding.
Institute of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, National Chiao Tung University
國立交通大學 生物資訊及系統生物研究所

Dr. Henry Lu, Horng-Shing 盧鴻興
Students: Liu, Pei-Ling; Maria Simak
Scientific computing
Image science

Dr. Yang, Jinn-Moon 楊進木
Students: Nikhil Pathak
● Bioinformatics systems biology
● Drug design
● Systems biology

Dr. Chu, Jhih-Wei 朱智瑋
Biosystems simulation
● Multiscale modeling theory
● Protein conformational changes and alloetery
● Drug discovery and development
● Molecular kinetics
Institute of BioMedical Informatics, National Yang-Ming University
國立陽明大學 生物醫學資訊研究所

Dr. Yang, Ueng-Cheng 楊永正
Students: Boris Stitnicky
Analysis of Pathway
Bioinformatic analysis on disease candidate genes and mechanisms

Dr. Chang, Chuan-Hsiung 張傳雄
Students: Wu, Jesse; Li, Shiao-Wen
Comparative genomics
Genome design and engineering
Synthetic biology

Dr. Huang, Hsuan-Cheng 黃宣誠
Students: Chi-Chun Chen; Divya Sahu
Networks biology
Systems biology


Dr. Wu, Kun-Pin 巫坤品
Students: Tien, Wei-Sheng; Lai, En-Yu; Liu, Meng-Ting
Computational proteomics

Dr. Huang,  Jie-Rong 黃介嶸
Structural biology
Intrinsically disordered proteins
Molecular dynamics simulation
NMR spectroscopy

Dr. Lin,  Chen-Ching 林振慶
Network Biology
Computational Biology

Dr. Huang,  Yen-Hua 黃彥華
NGS data analysis and integrated interpretation (e.g. integration with heterogeneous data sources)
Annotation of new genomes and comparative genomics based data mining
Human gene expression profile analysis and regulatory circuit reconstruction
Graduate Institute of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics, National Taiwan University
國立台灣大學 生醫電子與資訊學研究所

Dr. Huang,  Nien-Tsu 黃念祖
developing integrated electrical, optical and mechanical miniaturized fluidics and sensors for biological applications, such as cellular biology, drug screening, and disease diagnosis


Dr. Lai,  Liang-Chuan 賴亮全
using microarray or next generation sequencing to explore the cancer genomics
Investigation of regulatory mechanism of NDRG1 upon reoxygenation
Regulation of transcription and metastasis of semaphorin family in lung cancer

Dr. Lu,  Tzu-Pin 盧子彬
Microarray and next generation sequencing data analysis 
Computational Biology

Dr. Tseng,  Y. Jane 曾宇鳳
Computational Chemistry and Toxicology
 Bioinformatics                                                                       Cheminformatics                                                                                  ● Health informatics

Dr. Chen,  Chien-Yu 陳倩瑜
Data Mining
Machine Learning

Dr. Chuang,  Eric Y. 莊曜宇
Biochip Bioinformatics
Next-Generation Sequencing                                                   
Radiation Biology                
Cancer Biology   

Dr. Lee,  Hsin-Yu 李心宇
Cellular Biology
Molecular Biology

Dr. Sun,  Wei-Zen 孫維仁
Pain medicine
acupuncture and moxibustion

Dr. Tsai,  Mon-Hsun 蔡孟勳
Cell Biology
Radiation Biology


Dr. Huang,  Hsiao-Chun 黃筱鈞
Molecular Cell Biology
Systems and Synthetic Biology
Cell Division                                                                               

Dr. Chen,  Chung-Ping  陳中平
Statistical Timing Analysis
Circuit Simulation and Optimization
Microprocessor Design                                                                               

Dr. Kuo,  Po-Lin 郭柏齡

Dr. Lin,  En-Chung 林恩仲
Functional Genomics and Proteomics
Statistical Biology                                                                                         ● Management and Reproduction of Transgenic Animal Science 
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