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Tuition, Financial Aid, and Others

Tuition is around US$1,500 per year (Please see the breakdowns for each school here)

 *Tuition for TIGP students are the same as domestic students based on the

   agreement with all our partner universities.

 *Due upon registration.

 *NTHU students will be charged as Regular International Students starting

  from the 6th academic year (no more discount will apply). In the case of

  suspension during the first 5 academic year, tuition discount will not be

  postponed for later use.  (eg. A student is admitted with NTHU in 2012, tuition

  discount will apply until 2017 Spring semester without extension.  The tuition

  will be charged as International Student starting from 2017 Fall semester)


Financial Aid
Once admitted, each TIGP student will receive a monthly stipend of NT$34,000  (around USD1133) for the first year.

The support will be extended for two more years for students based on the student's performance. For more information, please refer to Academics/Regulations.

For the subsequent years (4th year on wards), the thesis advisor will be responsible for the financial support.


*The following TIGP Stipend Regulation is effective from 2015:

Academic Year/  Advisor Affiliation




Academia Sinica

1st & 2nd Students

NT$34,000 will be fully subsidized by TIGP office


3rd year Students



TIGP: NT$10,000

Advisor: NT$24,000





TIGP: NT$10,000



4th year and after

Stipend will be fully subsidized by the advisors respectively.

(Stipend amount may subject to the advisors)










Note: 1.   Full amount stipend=NT$34,000/month

         2.   Stipends subsidized by TIGP are all EXEMPTED from income tax

         3.  Stipends subsidized other than TIGP (eg. By advisors) are liable for    

              income tax (6% if monthly stipend is < NT$33,000; otherwise, 18% will

              apply).  Please refer to Cashier of IIS for details.

         4.  Tax Calculations for Stipend


Medical Insurance
Four months after they receive their student I.D., the students will qualify for Taiwan's National Health Insurance Program. The students pay the same premium (about US$ 210 per year) as all the Taiwan citizens and will be entitled to the same medical coverage.

Living and Housing
On campus
Self-catering student dormitory providing single study bedrooms is available to TIGP students at reasonable costs (for details please visit our website at
Private housing is generally more expensive. Rents for off-campus apartments range from NT$ 5,000 - 15,000 per month.