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Doctoral Oral Defense Application
A. Please use the template for your BP Doctoral Dissertation Review.
      (a) Qualification Statement (only applies for students with 1 publication)
      (b) Committee Status Verification (if any of your committee member is never served as a Professor/Academian or PI of Academia Sinica)
B. Please be advised that this template is for Doctoral Dissertation Review at TIGP-BP ONLY. Applicants need to conduct additional Doctoral Dissertation at the partner universities respectively after passing TIGP's review.
C.  Please organize and compile all the required documents listed in the template into ONE PDF file and mail to (submit the hard copy to TIGP-BP office at O303, IIS.)
D. It takes approximately a week for TIGP Academic Committee to Review each application.  Since the deadline for each university is various, it is the applicant's responsibility to find out school's deadline to apply the Doctoral Dissertation Review. (Most universities offer Doctoral Dissertation Review  every semester.)
E. Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted/reviewed by TIGP Academic Committee.
F. The result of your review will be sent via mail, and applicants can pick up the original documents from TIGP office upon the receipt of the notification mail.
G. Good luck and may you have an outstanding result on your exam.  Let us know shall you need any further assistance!


School / Steps










Step 1:

Application Deadline




9th Week of each semester

-School Web


-Application form (register via YMU web and print out)


- Change Committee Member Request


-School online application

(Oral Exam can be held 3 weeks after online application is submitted)

-School SOP


 -School Web

(Oral Exam can be held 2 weeks after application is submitted)


Fall: 11/30

Spring : 5/01

-School Web (register via NTU web and print out)

-Degree examinations audit table

Step 2:

Oral Defense Exam Deadline



Spring Semester: 7/31

  Fall Semester:



Spring Semester: 7/31

  Fall Semester:



Spring Semester: 7/31

  Fall Semester:



*All procedures / documents have to be completed and received by school by the deadline.*

Oral Defense Package:

(Official documents and forms)

-Thesis Defense form

-Thesis Approval Form

-Exam Result Sheet

-Committee Member Reimbursement Summary List

-Payee Account information

login to NTHU Information System to register online (use the print outs generated by the system)

-PhD Candidate application

-Committee list

-Dissertation review recommendation letter

-Grading Summary Sheet

-Committee Member reimbursement summary list

-Oral Exam application

-Grading Sheet (one for each committee members)

-Grading Summary Sheet

-Oral Exam Transcript

-Committee Report


-Committee Member application form

(Oral Exam can be held after committee member application form is submitted)

-Grading Sheet(one for each committee members)

-Grading Summary Sheet

-Doctorate exam validation book format (signature page)

-Doctorate Degree Exam Cancellation Application (submit before1/317/31)


Step 3:

Graduation Package

-PhD Graduate Check List

-Thesis Cover Page & Format

 -PhD Graduation Procedures

-Thesis Cover Page and Format


-Thesis Format

 (submit all print outs to NCTU library)

-Thesis Format

-NTU Library Dissertation/Graduation Notices

-Electronic Theses & Dissertations Service

Fall semester: 2/15

  Spring semester8/20

Step 4:

Leave from School Procedure & Deadline:

School online SOP

Spring Semester: 8/31

Fall Semester: 2/15

-Leave from School Notification letter

-Leave from school procedure sheet 

School online SOP


 -Leave from school procedure

School online SOP



School online SOP

Graduation Procedures Systems

Spring Semester: 8/31

Fall Semester: 2/15

-Graduation Procedures Application form

*Doctoral degree can only obtained upon completion of this part*

Step 5:

Check out from TIGP-BP Procedure & Deadline:

     Spring Semester : 2/15

   Fall Semester : 7/31

 - TIGP-BP (IIS) Online SOP

-Graduate Student Profile

- mail 1-3  photos (student life in BP) to

*TIGP PhD Certificate can be applied upon completion of this part*

 TIGP Graduation Ceremony

TIGP Conferral Ceremony will be held in early Dec. each year. Registration and detailed information will be announced in fall.  Congratulations!