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Policy and Regulations

Core Faculty
How to become a Core Faculty Member of TIGP-BIO?

We open Core Faculty Applications twice a year:                                                                                 

Schedule 1st Semester 2nd Semester     
Application Open Window 7/1~7/14 1/21~2/15
Committee Review 7/15~7/25 2/18~2/25
Announcement 8/1 3/4

 *the dates may subject to change on a yearly basis; all changes will  be                                          announced  at least a week prior the open window.

1.   Please fill out both Core Faculty Application Form and Agreement upon your interest in joining TIGP_BIO Core Faculty.

2.      Please mail the complete e-files along with your C.V. before the application window closes. Applications that are received after the deadline of each semester will not be evaluated until the next semester.  Please address your mail to TIGP-BP Office at     Email: 

3.   The Academic Committee (AC) of  TIGP-BP will review each case, and the decision will be made based on the majority vote of the Committee in approximately a week.

4.      A private notification (e-mail)  will be sent to each applicant in accordance to the decision of the AC.  New core faculty members will be introduced to BP faculty staffs and students with an official welcome letter. New core faculty members’ information will then be posted in BP’s official website as well.

What do I need to know as the Faculty of TIGP-BP?
1. Faculty Honor Points Chart
2. Guideline for TIGP Course Lecturer
TIGP Bio Core Faculty rights and responsibilities

I. Core Faculty Members are responsible for course lectures, seminar participation, as

    well as being student’s lab ration advisor.

II. Core Faculty Members shall also be active in the administrative affairs, or involving

     with the Program Committees.

III. Slots of Doctoral StudentsOne student per year in general; maximum of three 

      students are allowed in one lab during the period of validity of the points.  For

     faculty who already have student in lab are obligated to involve program affairs


IV. The “Honor Points” will be calculated by the end of each semester, and the Points

      will be advised to the faculty staffs respectively. Please note that the rights of the

     number of slots can obtained will be subject to the points met as required.

     (Please read the Standard of Honor Points for details).


 2014 TIGP Bioinformatics Committee Board
Academic Committee  (coming soon)
TIGP Bio Academic Committee Bylaw


Course Committee
TIGP Bio Course  Committee Bylaw (coming soon)
Admission Committee
TIGP Bio Admission Committee Bylaw

I.           Mission Statement

         The name of this committee shall be the TIGP Bioinformatics Admissions Committee (TIGP BAC). 

         The Committee shall work with the Admissions Office to improve and offer continuous feedback to

          the admissions process. Members shall review applicants in an objective, nondiscriminatory


II.        Definitions

         A. Nominate: To propose by name as a candidate by the collaborating schools.

         B. Appoint: A binding selection by the program coordinator.

 III.      Officers of the Admissions Committee

          The Admissions Committee shall have as its administrative and executive officer a Chair.

CHAIR The Chair of the Admissions Committee shall be nominated by the program coordinator and appointed through the majority consent of the TIGP BAC. The term of office shall be for one academic year. The Chair shall:

1.         Preside over all meetings;

2.          Set the date, time, place, and agenda for all meetings;

3.          vote in all actions undertaken by the Committee;

4.          record the proceedings of all meetings of the Committee; and

5.          provide the Admissions Office staff with copies of all minutes of meetings.


IV.   Members of the Admissions Committee

1.  The Committee shall be represented by one person from each collaborating university, and by one person from major supporting institute at Academia Sinica.         

2. Those interested should contact the Admissions Committee Chair, the Chair will then provide the TIGP Bio Secretary and Coordinator with the names of anyone interested in joining the Admissions Committee before the next TIGP BAC meeting.

3. Membership is subject to nomination by the TIGP BAC President and approval by the TIGP BAC Board.

4.  TIGP BAC Committee members may be removed


V.     Meetings

The Admissions Committee shall meet at least once a year. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to hold additional meetings when circumstances deem necessary.


VI.    Meeting Procedures

      The following guidelines shall govern each Admissions Committee meeting:

A. Every meeting shall begin when the Chair calls the meeting to order;

B. The Chair must take roll and determine whether a quorum is present for voting purposes;

C. The Chair will read the minutes from the previous meeting;

D. The Chair will announce all proposals for discussion at the present meeting;

E. The Chair will then ask the individuals or designated representatives of all organizations working with the Admissions Committee to present their requests regarding the admissions process;

F. After all individuals and representatives have presented, the discussion of the requests will commence;

G. Each request will be discussed. At any time a member can move to vote on the request. Another member must second the motion;

H. Proposals that do not obtain a majority vote will be denied;

VII. Upon discussion of all proposals, the Chair will adjourn the meeting.


VIII.   VotingTo vote on any matter, a quorum must be present. Any time a vote is taken, the question shall be approved by a simple majority vote.

IX. Amendments

All amendments to these bylaws shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the TIGP BAC.

Student Affairs Committee
TIGP Bio Student Affairs Bylaw (coming soon)